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How To Make You Filthy-Rich

by ecu.edu

Hey, you guys and gals, you might wanna consider this …

If you are aiming for money, work out your attitude towards money.

Here are 10 key traits according to TheStreet.com

1. Patience
2. Satisfaction
3. Organization
4. Discipline
5. Reflectiveness
6. Creativity
7. Curiosity
8. Risk-Taking
9. Goal-Oriented
10. Hard- and Smart-Working

You think you got those traits? Well, way to go to being filthy rich ­čśŤ

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Top 10 Reasons Employees Quit

According to Hubpages, there are 10 Reasons why employees quit their job.

1. Below Average Wages with Unreasonable Work Demands

2. Lack of Autonomy and Respect

3. No Professional Development Program

4. No Opportunity for Advancement

5. Lack of Recognition

6. Lack of Health Benefits

7. Health Problems and Job Burnout

8. No Job Security

9. Bad Management Behavior

10. Transportation Expenses

But I guess, right now at this moment in time I have to deal with no. 9. Arrgghh!

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I was caught by this article on CNN because I was on the same industry. It says that India’s outsourcing business is taking toll on their workforce. The job came with a good salary, and good perks however the tradeoff is┬ábig.

CNN – “Call centers and other outsourced businesses such as software writing, medical transcription and back-office work employ more than 1.6 million young men and women in India, mostly in their 20s and 30s, who make much more than their contemporaries in most other professions. They are, however, facing sleep disorders, heart disease, depression and family discord, according to doctors and several industry surveys.”

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