June 4, 2010 – I haven’t seen for awhile the TV Series Gossip Girl. I only knew the characters until Season 2. I was kinda surprised when one of the cast was all over the net. Yes, its Chace Crawford, who plays Nate Archibald on the series, he was arrested in Plano, Texas for possession of marijuana.

According to TMZ.com, “Crawford was arrested just after midnight this morning for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces. The charge is a misdemeanor, which carries a 6 month maximum sentence.”


I’m Yours

Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but your so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks, now I’m tryin to get back
before the cool done run out I’ll be givin it my best test
and nothin’s gonna stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it’s again my turn to win some or learn some

But I won’t hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait
I’m yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you’re free
look into your heart and you’ll find love love love love
listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing
We’re just one big family
And it’s our godforsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved

So, i won’t hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait i’m sure
there’s no need to complicate our time is short
this is our fate
I’m yours

Scooch on over closer, dear
And I will nibble your ear

I’ve been spendin’ way too long checkin’ my tongue in the mirror
and bendin’ over backwards just to try to see it clearer
But my breath fogged up the glass
and so I drew a new face and I laughed
I guess what I’d be sayin’ is there ain’t no better reason
to rid yourself of vanities and just go with the seasons
it’s what we aim to do
our name is our virtue

But I won’t hesitate no more,
no more it cannot wait
I’m yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you’re free
look into your heart and you will find that the sky is yours

so please don’t, please don’t, please don’t,
there’s no need to complicate,
Cause our time is short
This, this, this is our fate,
I’m yours

This really made me laugh for almost days.. I really can’t get over since Monday night upto now.. Well, because I remember a friend same with how she laughs (that made me laugh), not anything else.. I always liked the way she laughs, get carried away.. ­čśŤ

What duh! I dunt know what to say.. har..har..

by ecu.edu

Hey, you guys and gals, you might wanna consider this …

If you are aiming for money, work out your attitude towards money.

Here are 10 key traits according to TheStreet.com

1. Patience
2. Satisfaction
3. Organization
4. Discipline
5. Reflectiveness
6. Creativity
7. Curiosity
8. Risk-Taking
9. Goal-Oriented
10. Hard- and Smart-Working

You think you got those traits? Well, way to go to being filthy rich ­čśŤ

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channing tatum

Whoa! What a surprise reading from JustJared about Channing Tatum joining the cast of G.I. Joe: The Movie. This 27-year old model-turned-actor is really one hottie and also a great dancer. He will play Duke, a field commander and second-in-command of the G.I. Joe Team after Hawk.  Hope to see you soon on the big screen again.

According to Hubpages, there are 10 Reasons why employees quit their job.

1. Below Average Wages with Unreasonable Work Demands

2. Lack of Autonomy and Respect

3. No Professional Development Program

4. No Opportunity for Advancement

5. Lack of Recognition

6. Lack of Health Benefits

7. Health Problems and Job Burnout

8. No Job Security

9. Bad Management Behavior

10. Transportation Expenses

But I guess, right now at this moment in time I have to deal with no. 9. Arrgghh!

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